“Safe, I feel so safe
When I’m with you
I’m in that place
Where nothing else matters
And the worries of the day
Slowly fade, and melt away

There is no material thing
That can take the place of you
There’s not one single thing I know
That can fill my heart like you”


The truth is that no material thing will ever satisfy a human being. In fact, not even wonderful people like your spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters, close friends can replace God in your life. Only God can fill your empty heart. You will search to the end of the earth, and if God is absent from your life, the search will continue…

The ironic thing is that you might be in a very difficult situation, you may not have much money in your bank account, you may not have many friends, but if you have a personal relationship with Jesus, you have EVERYTHING! You are rich, my friend!

Be joyful because He is all you need! Rejoice because He’s all you could ever want!

God bless you today! 

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