My mom worked in the hospital. There was a woman named Katie Burton that she used to visit. Katie was in Springdale hospital for an extended period of time while waiting to get in the home in Baie Verte, I believe. I had the privilege of meeting this fine woman.

I had such a laugh while visiting Katie. I loved to tease her. She had such a wonderful sense of humor. I always said to myself that if I lived to be as old as her, I would love to have her attitude! She ended up living to be over 100 years old.

One of the hymns that Katie liked was called “Good Night and Good Morning”. Here’s an excerpt:

“Good morning up there where Christ is the Light,
Good morning up there where cometh no night;
When we step from this earth to God’s Heaven so fair,
We’ll say “good night” here but “good morning” up there.

When fadeth the day and dark shadows draw nigh,
With Christ close at hand, it is not death to die;
He’ll wipe every tear, roll away every care;
We’ll say “good night” here, but “good morning” up there.”

I’ve been writing like this for the past couple of days because I have to constantly remind myself that this life is only temporary… like a mist or vapor… it’s so short. This world is not my home. We, as Christians, have nothing to fear. We’ll say good night to this world and wake up in a world of eternal bliss! What a glorious hope we have!

God bless you! Don’t be afraid of your future! 

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