Several years ago, I heard Pastor Bruce Belair say, “A big shot is just a little shot away from home.” I have thought about this phrase many times since then. Sometimes people don’t value the individuals in their own backyard. Learn to appreciate all the wonderful people around you. Give them support and encouragement.

Don’t think that because you’re from Newfoundland and Labrador that you’re any less than anyone else! NL has some of the most intelligent, witty, beautiful, comical, courageous, generous, hospitable, artistic people on this planet. This province has produced great musicians, painters, doctors, chefs, truck drivers, singers, carpenters, politicians, ministers, teachers, athletes, and the list goes on! Don’t let anyone put you down. I believe we have a very rich province primarily because we have some of the best people in the world.

You don’t have to go away to the mainland or to another country to be a somebody. (You don’t have to go to Speedy, either.) You don’t have to get a golden ticket from star judges to prove your worth. You can be a somebody here at home.

If you’ve had to move away from home, don’t be discouraged either. Do your best wherever God takes you. Try not to miss home too much! 

God bless you! And God guard you, Newfoundland and Labrador! 

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