Heaven is for real. There’s a movie with that title, but I’ve known that in my heart for a long time.

Steve’s grandmother, Nan Clarke, would sing this chorus when Steve was around. Here are some of the words:

“Sweeter gets the journey every day 
Serving Jesus really pays 
I get so happy in this heavenly way 
Cause sweeter gets the journey every day

I don’t know about you my friend 
I don’t know when this journey will end
But as form me and all of mine
We’re gonna make that heavenly climb

Up to that heavenly shore
We’ll live forevermore
Never have a heartache
Never have a care
Everything will just be happiness there”

There’s such comfort in knowing there’s a place called heaven. I’m so glad that those who know Jesus will spend eternity with Him! For the Christian, the journey on this Earth will end, but that is only the beginning of life in heaven!

God bless! May you be filled with His comfort today. 

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