I love to shop. In fact, I think I’m rather good at it!  I like to buy things for my friends. I like to find something that I know they will love! Despite my love of shopping, I do realize that the goods in my shopping bags only give temporary satisfaction.

Harry Gordon Selfridge was an American who started the London-based department store called Selfridges. He was an inventor in the whole shopping arena! He was the one who invented the phrase “Only — shopping days until Christmas”. He became very wealthy.

Sadly, Harry Selfridge lost his fortune. He wasted his money and gambled. When he died, it says he was destitute!

Money, fame, power will never satisfy the human being. True riches are found in knowing Jesus. These riches last forever. They can never be lost!

There’s a band from our church called Sevenview (with a very cute drummer – my husband!) with a song called “Reach”.  I love these particular lyrics:

“It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of me
You are the only truth I see
So take me into your misty blue
Away from the life that I once knew – as I reach for you

I reach for you and you shelter me
As I break away from all I ever knew
And the peace I find when I turn to you
Is worth more than money, more than fame it’s true
My reward is to reach for you”

Reach out to Jesus! God bless you today! 

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