When you go through difficulties of life, I believe you learn things that you can use to help others in the future. When you’ve gone through things yourself, you gain an authority to speak into the lives of others. For example, if you’ve gone through painful personal tragedy, you will gain understanding to help others who face tragedy themselves.

Yesterday, I wrote about experiencing a very trying time in my life. Here are a few of the things I learned from this experience that may benefit you:

I learned that peace of mind is priceless. Looking good on the outside is of some value, but feeling joyful matters so much more. I believe only God can bring that true inner peace.

I learned that it’s important to invest your time and energy in people. While going through this difficult time myself, I felt so compassionate towards other people. People are people. God loves people. God wants me to love people too! God wants us to listen to and help people… not just the members of our select group… As people, we have all kinds of issues and we need true friends who will help us when we’re at our weakest. God moves through people like us to help others. God will give us the grace to see beyond a person’s faults and actually see the person. I found myself wanting to approach people, that I would otherwise probably pass by, and talk to them.

I learned that there are people who will take their valuable time and be there for you. You will quickly discover who you can depend on. Thank God for people who care!

Please don’t be too busy to reach out! Take time for others!

God bless you today!

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