“You’ve got a face only a mother could love!” Maybe you’ve heard that comment before.

A mother’s love, it’s true, often goes beyond the norm. I’ve heard it said, that you can’t pay another person enough money to look after a child like the child’s mother would.

A good mother will often sacrifice her own plans, ambitions, dreams to care for her family.

I believe any woman willing to invest her life and love into her husband and children is a wise woman. I believe she has made a very good investment. She may not achieve a certain status in the public arena, but she will be the Queen of her household and I believe a source of joy and stability for her family.

This type of woman is to be treasured. Don’t take her for granted. Show her you love her – every opportunity you get.

God bless all the wonderful moms out there!

God bless you all! 

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