My thoughts go back to when I turned sweet 16… I will try and recount them as accurately as I can.

It was a pretty uneventful night… or so I thought it would be uneventful. I had actually gotten ready to go to bed!

Then I heard noises coming from outside my house. A whole crew had gathered on my front lawn! There was a huge box that was carried up the street on a ladder. You can expect the unexpected in Springdale! hahahaha

What in the world was in that box? My mind was whirring… I scanned the crowd and noticed that Steve was missing. At this point in my life, I had the biggest crush on Steve, but we weren’t dating or anything. (Guys seem to be much slower at realizing their feelings than girls!)

Then Steve popped out of the box and handed me a birthday present from my friends. It was a gold pendant. What a clever idea my friends had! The guy I liked + present = Happy Birthday Sweet 16.

My friends came inside and we had some food.

Eventually, the guy in the box became my husband. Dreams do come true.

Birthday presents. Friends. Good memories.

Have a wonderful day! God bless you!

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