I remember going through a real trying time in my life… a time when I did a lot of crying… a time when I felt I could barely eat… a time when my mind was racing everywhere and I couldn’t even seem to enjoy pleasurable things.

During that difficult time, I found comfort in reading the Bible. The Psalms were a lifesaver for me! (Please see yesterday’s post.) 

I would go to my computer and write… I’d copy and paste scriptures… I’d write my thoughts… I’d even write some poetry. I have many pages of journal entries.

I also found tremendous peace by listening to certain songs. Some songs, I would sing in my mind over and over. This was one particular song that helped me get through this rough time:

“Under the blood of Jesus,
Safe in the Shepherd’s fold.
Under the blood of Jesus,
Safe while the ages roll.
Safe though the worlds may crumble,
Safe though the stars grow dim.
Under the blood of Jesus,
I am secure in Him.”

As I would remember the lyrics of this song, I felt like the angels of the Lord would surround me…

The presence of God, my friends, is absolutely wonderful. Fear, torment, worry, anxiety can’t stay in the presence of God. If you are experiencing any type of turmoil in your life, I encourage you to start listening to music with lyrics that glorify God… I encourage you to praise and worship God. Your whole being will be soothed.

God bless you today! 

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