We have a wonderful heavenly Father. He promises never to leave us. He is with us through monumental happy times. He is also with us through the most trying storms of life.

I remember my Dad walking me down the aisle at my wedding. It was such an emotional time. I was so confident that I was making a good decision. Arm in arm, Dad walked with me. Dad was right there by my side.

As a girl, I remember encountering such a terrible snow storm on one of our drives to Grand Bank. The roads were closed on the Burin peninsula and we had to turn around and head back towards home. You know you’re in horrible driving conditions when one minute there’s a transport truck in front of you and the next, the truck is gone… off the road. My Dad is an excellent driver. He was in control of the vehicle. From what I remember, I never had a care or worry. Dad was right there by my side.

Through it all, my father is there. I can count on him.
Through it all, my Father is there. I can count on Him.

Never forget that! God bless you! 

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