Rejection is an awful thing. It can lead people into addictions and destructive behavior. People have been rejected by groups of people and by individuals that you may never suspect. When people are rejected by their family… friends… and dare I say, the church… wounds may go very deep.

When people are rejected by the church, they may become bitter and angry. They may even turn against God. I don’t think most people really want to reject God, but they just don’t want to have anything to do with the “church” – the ones who are supposed to represent God.

I am putting this thought out there to make us think…

If Christians are guilty of rejecting people that need Jesus, I believe this is a very serious issue. This should cause us to wake up from our slumber! As Christians, we are to be His ambassadors. We are to promote the Kingdom of God on this planet.

Change needs to happen. It needs to start with the church. It needs to start with me.

People need to love others with Christ’s love. All people need to be introduced to the Jesus that we read about in the Gospels. Jesus touched the outcasts. He associated Himself with sinners. Jesus was moved with compassion for people… all different kinds of hurting, broken people.

I think we, as Christians, need to start acting more like Jesus.

1 John 2 – 6 Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.

The bible wouldn’t tell believers to live like Jesus did if it were an impossible task. God wants to give us the power to be His shining examples. We can do this with His strength!

God bless you today! 

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