I believe in miracles! I believe in supernatural changes in people and their situations. I have witnessed miracles in my own life.

When I was growing up, my feet turned over and the result was that I walked on the insides of my shoes. I would actually wear out the sides of my shoes. One evening, a gentlemen prayed for me and I felt something like I had never felt before – I actually felt an adjusting/pulling sensation in my legs. The result was that I walked differently. I have difficulty wearing out a pair of shoes now! This was a miracle.

Also, growing up, my father had issues with alcohol and smoking. He wanted to stop these addictions, but was unsuccessful on his own. One night, he went to a prayer meeting in Springdale and surrendered his life to God. The pastor prayed that he would be set free. He came home a changed man! Believe me, his family knew it! He has not had a problem with cigarettes or alcohol since. 

I believe that God can do a miracle for you. Have faith. Trust Him. Pray.

God bless you all!

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