I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying time at home with your families.

For some of you, life hasn’t changed that much. For others, you have children out of school and you may be out of work.

A while back, I talked about Moses’ mother… She placed her child in a basket and set him afloat. (I don’t know if you know this, but the word for BASKET is the same word as ARK. That is so cool!) When Moses landed in enemy territory… even in the hands of Pharoah’s daughter… the enemy did not harm him. In fact, the enemy PROTECTED and PROVIDED for Moses.

When I spoke about this scripture in the past, I was talking about how we need to place our children in the basket and let them go.

At this time, I feel that we not only need to place our children in the basket, but we need to put ourselves in the basket!

God will PROTECT and PROVIDE for you in these times when fear and uncertainty are all around us.

God has placed His call and seal upon you. No enemy can harm you.

Love, Pastor Janice

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